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Become a Hope for Single Moms Business or Individual Partner


Partnerships/sponsorships allow your business to give back to the community that buys from you. By helping single moms and their children today, you change their tomorrow. You change forever the community you work and live in.

Partnerships are important to nonprofits like Hope for Single Moms. When your business donates services, you decrease the financial stress these services cost our single moms. This also allows Hope for Single Moms to focus our financial resources on other areas of need. When your business sponsors an event, like our Celebrating Courageous Moms brunch, all donations can go to our families, rather than to the cost of the event.

The two greatest barriers to single moms getting a career education are living and daycare expenses. Become a business or individual partner with your financial donation to our Life Assistance fund or Daycare Scholarship fund. We also have an Emergency fund you can partner with. This helps provide for a family when a donor is not able to keep a financial commitment for a year. It is also used for emergency shelter when a single mom family needs to leave the home and no shelter is available.

While single moms receive a Pell grant for tuition, it does not cover the entire cost of a semester at community college. There is about $1,500 per semester of unmet need, including not enough loan money.  By donating to our Academic Scholarship fund, you help reduce the amount of student debt they accrue.

If you would like to sponsor a particular family or project, or have any questions, please call Carla at 616-485-7594. Thank you for your interest in moving single mom families from poverty to prosperity.


$1500 provides one month of rent and utilities and food.


$1000 provides one month of daycare.


$500 provides one month of tuition.

Working together, we can change the lives of two generations

and change society for countless generations to come.


Thank you to our current partners.