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Your year-end giving helps our single moms take the next step on their student parent journey

It begins on Giving Tuesday, November 29. The GT goal: $5,000!

Do you remember your first car? Or one of your first cars? It was exciting! But it wasn’t reliable, was it? Now, think about what it would be like to not have a reliable car and have children. You need to get your kids to school before you go to work. Winter is coming with its promise of icy roads.

That’s the situation Jasmien is in. She is our second family to not have her lease renewed and only 30 days to find affordable housing in Grand Rapids. It didn’t happen. She and the girls moved to Muskegon November 7. Jasmien needs to get the girls to school in Muskegon and herself to work in GR.

I know you want her and the girls to be safe. And you can! Your donation this year goes toward their safety and Jasmien’s peace of mind with the purchase of a more reliable used car. The goal is to get that car in time for Christmas and before the snow blows. It will only happen with the support of donors like you!

Jasmien is building her hair clientele in Grand Rapids with the goal of opening her own salon. She is still working with her Spring GR coach, HSM and Comerica Bank. Let’s help her achieve her dream of a salon and of financial self-sufficiency come true. The car is part of that dream.

Jasmien has found a well-maintained car—a 2007 Chevy Suburban Wagon with 30,000 miles — and HSM has put a deposit on it. The goal is to raise $10,000 by December 21. We need five people to donate $1,000 each and fifty people to donate $100 each. Can Jasmien, Zandeah and Zannia count on you to be one of the five? Or one of the fifty?

I know you agree with me that every child deserves to thrive. Your donation impacts Zandeah and Zannia’s today and changes their tomorrow! Thank you for being the power behind the work of HSM and for the privilege we have of working on your behalf.

Join Jasmien's story! When you do, you help her dream of financial freedom come true!

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