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Your year-end giving helps our single moms write the next chapter

in their Cinderella stories! Join a story! When you do, you help dreams come true!

Your generosity is changing lives! Thank You!

Charity reached her goal of $10,000!! Thank you!

Our Giving Tuesday campaign kicked off the opportunity to change four lives by helping Charity purchase a car. $4,600 was raised that day! 

Berger Chevrolet, one of the sponsors for the 2021 Fashion for a Future fundraiser, came through for Charity and her sons with an upgrade to a 2013 minivanless mileage and more room for Charity’s three football players and their equipment. It was purchased for $12,000 and included new tires. Please donate and help Charity get the additional $1375 she needs for the minivan.

Since Charity’s been unable to get to work, Hope for Single Moms provided an additional $992 for 6 months of car insurance.
We’d like to help her with gas money. The goal is $400.

These three expenses add up to $2,767. Your donations will help pay these expenses and allow us to have more money to serve other families.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far or will donate!

When you donate, you are helping Charity write her Cinderella story. Thank you!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$13,392Raised $10,625 towards the $13,392 target.$10,625Raised $10,625 towards the $13,392 target.79%

Help Charity write the next chapter

in her Cinderella story!

Here it is!!! the 2013 minivan we are all so excited about!!!

Thank you for making this possible.