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Thank You!

Thank You! We can’t say it too much. Your donations helped our moms reach their goals for their student parent journeys beginning January 4.

Because of your generosity and the generosity of our Match Challenge donor, your $5,000 donations were matched. Because of you, our moms start 2021 with less financial stress, more  peace and a ton of encouragement from all of you!

Jasmine with her son, Keith, and daughters, Zandaeh and Zannia
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2020 has been a tough year in many ways. There have been many challenges, including what it looks like for our clients to go back to school. Their school has been online, but so has their children’s. Now single moms need to juggle their school and study time with those of their children, while they are all at home 24/7.

It’s been a good year for Grace and her two sons. Grace finished the Fall semester with a 4.0. Congratulations!!

Because of donors like you, Grace has been able to continue her student parent journey.

  • Grace has the assistance she needs to be successful—a refurbished laptop, her unmet tuition need was met, and her childcare costs were covered.
  • She has a mentor and a peer mentor giving her the much-needed community all moms need, especially single student parent moms.

We are all looking forward to 2021. Perhaps most excited is Jasmine and her family. 2021 is:

  • the beginning of her student parent journey.
  • the beginning of providing more for her children, so they can grow well physically and do better academically.
  • her opportunity to begin her family’s move from poverty to prosperity.

2021 is your opportunity to change their world.

Pictured above to the left is Jasmine with her son, Keith, and daughters, Zandaeh and Zannia. Jasmine almost has all her ducks in a row to begin her student parent journey at Muskegon Community College in medical assisting. Almost.

Jasmine needs $2,500. This will meet her unmet tuition need, books and a little extra for some family time together. Donate and join Jasmine’s success story.

Charity and her family need $2,500. Charity has one semester left to finish her accounting degree. This will significantly change her ability to provide for her sons, Zander (16), Nolan (14) and Ashton (12). Donate and change four lives!

The additional $5,000 is for the emergency fund we have at Hope for Single Moms to initially help other single moms who will call in 2021. We already know of a January rent need of $780.

We have a Match Challenge. Your donation is matched dollar for dollar.

  • $100 donation becomes $200.
  • $500 becomes $1,000.
  • $1,000 becomes $2,000.

Will you donate and partner with Hope for Single Moms

and change the world for single mom families?

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